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Official Port Adelaide Macron 2021 Indigenous Guernsey

Inspired by the 2021 Indigenous guernsey design.

Designer's Statement - Elle Campbell:

Kangaroos on the coast.

The story for this painting represents my families ancestral burial ground in Kingston S.E. and the connection we still have to this day with the native bush land and native animals that live amongst the lands. The initial inspiration for me to do this painting was from some photos and videos my mother sent me of kangaroos coming out from the scrub of the burial ground, crossing the sand and seaweed to go have a dip in the ocean on a warm day.
The bottom half of the painting represents the burial ground itself. The brown and yellow colours represent the earth, the soils and sands throughout the area and all the trees that me and my families have planted on the land and the red and black represents my ancestors that are buried on these grounds.
The upper half of the painting represents Kingston beach, the white sands, the blue waters and green for the seaweed that at certain times of the year is very prominent on the beaches.
The centre of the painting is the footprints and path that the kangaroos leave from the burial ground scrub down to the water and in recognition that this is their lands too.

Traditional V Neck

High performance Fightex-Bodytex Materials

Club logo on left chest

Fully sublimated garment